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Important Tips for Gay and Lesbian Travelers

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The vast majority of the world is becoming increasingly tolerant of people from all walks of life. People can travel almost anywhere they desire regardless of their age, sex, ethnicity or sexual preference. However, a few places have not yet embraced the modern lifestyle. It is advisable to read up on the traditions and culture of your chosen destination before departing. The following tips will help you choose the perfect destination for your next vacation and ensure you have a safe and memorable trip.

If you’re sick of San Francisco and Mykonos, why not try looking for an alternative destination for your next vacation? Thailand, Israel and Sweden all have thriving gay communities. Even destinations such as India have become more accepting of same-sex couples.

A good hotel is essential for an enjoyable holiday. Make sure you thoroughly research all your options before making your decision. Bear in mind that some hotels do not accept bookings from same-sex couples, so check before you book.  If you know someone who has travelled to your chosen destination, ask them for the name of the hotel they stayed at or any nice ones they may have come across. Remember, just because a particular town is gay-friendly doesn’t mean each and every business owner will be.

If you will be visiting churches, temples or mosques, you will need to bring along clothing that covers your legs and arms. Women are also required to cover their head in certain cultures. Always remember that rural areas are usually less tolerant of the LGBT community. If you are staying in a resort, check with the staff if it is safe to venture outside before leaving.

Some countries still operate stings in well-known cruising spots. The penalties may also be much stricter than what you are used to back home. This also applies to internet chat rooms that are related to a specific area as they may be monitored by local police. Stick to gay nightspots and bars in order to avoid getting into trouble.

 Some cultures frown upon couples becoming overly amorous when out in public. This applies to both same-sex couples and heterosexual couples. Simple acts such as kissing or holding hands is also forbidden in certain parts of the world. Engaging in sex before marriage could even result in you getting arrested, so avoid getting carried away in open spaces such as beaches or forest.

 Unsavory characters will occasionally try to take advantage of the generally free and open nature of the gay community. Never accept drinks from strangers and keep your drink with you at all times. Never accompany a stranger back to their home or hotel, and stick to crowded, well lit areas. If you do, bring a guest back to your hotel room, stay alert and store all your valuables in the hotel safe.


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